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AHM-owned Migränhjälpen receives 6.2 million in new share issue


Migraine help is a digital care provider who wants to help patients with chronic migraine. The company is now raising 6.2 million from existing owners and new investors, including Add Health Media and Almi Invest. The service is expected to be launched at the end of April this year.

Migraine is a major problem in society, it highlighted not least the large migraine campaign Add Health Media conducted during the fourth quarter of 2019 on the platform Today, approximately 1.4 million Swedes suffer from migraines and 200,000 are estimated to live with chronic migraines. The majority of these, 90 percent, have not received the right diagnosis or treatment. To ensure the correct diagnosis, a neurologist is needed, a specialty that is currently in great shortage in Sweden.

The migraine help is the first digital care provider that specializes in migraines and where a patient who applies digitally is investigated and gets help from a specialist doctor in migraines. Since no blood tests, ECG or the like are needed, migraine is a disease that is very suitable for digital care.

– We will never be enough headache specialists in Sweden to be able to meet the need for care in the migraine population. The migraine help will try to solve this with the help of an efficient digital algorithm that shortens the processing time. The goal is for us to be able to offer a large number of migraine patients the right care and treatment regardless of place of residence, says Johan Nyberg, neurologist and co-founder

With the New Issue, Migränhjälpen secures funding to be able to complete the adaptation of the platform, especially the app, and to employ staff, doctors and nurses who take care of the patients.

– In recent years, there has been a rapid digitization of care in Sweden and it just continues. Therefore, it feels very exciting to be able to offer this specialized service for a large group of patients who suffer and often do not have the strength to function normally at work or in private when they have their migraine. It also feels good that Add Health Media and Almin Invest have joined in and support the business idea, says Mattias Bodin, CEO of Migränhjälpen.

With a clear strategy for its investment portfolio, e-health companies in the start-up phase, Migränhjälpen was an investment that was close at hand for Add Health Media.

– With Migraine Aid, we see that a need, which is great, is met by the country’s many migraine patients. Increasing knowledge in the area is also something we can do on our digital platforms and We look forward to seeing this investment improve care for migraine patients, says Johan Bloom, business developer at Add Health Media.

Extensive work is currently underway to launch both the platform and the website. If everything goes according to plan, Migränhjälpen will launch the service at the end of April and then start taking in patients.

For contact and more information:

Mattias Bodin, MigraineHelp
[email protected], 070 689 53 77

Johan Bloom, business developer Add Health Media
[email protected], +46 73 364 84 90< / span>

About MigraineHelp
Migraine Aid is a private, publicly funded digital care provider, the first digital specialist clinic for people with migraines and chronic migraines. With digital aids, human care competence, and a close dialogue with the care seekers, we work to ensure that patients receive the right care. Read more at

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