Sweden's most complete media in health, medicine and well-being on the web and in waiting room TV.


Knowledge needed

DOKTORN is where you need it, when you need it - online and in the waiting rooms in the form of waiting room TV. When you have questions about health and medicine, you should be able to easily find correct and easy-to-understand information, quickly. Our waiting room service is high quality and appreciated by readers as well as patients and care staff. For the care waiting room, the waiting room TV has a monthly cost, but then all service around is also included.

High credibility

Year after year, we have received the highest marks when it comes to credibility, readability and that you find exactly what you are looking for. It is a rating that what we do, we do right. We never stop developing and are constantly looking for new waiting rooms where waiting room TV can create a more rewarding, knowledge-enhancing wait. Having DOKTORN in the waiting room shows a commitment from the reception and a concern for the visitor who is sitting and waiting.

Something for everyone, always

Medicine and health are areas that interest, touch and engage, constantly. As one of the country's largest players in medicine and health, we take our responsibility very seriously. We ensure the quality of the material and create a safe environment, regardless of whether you are sitting and looking forward digitally, waiting for a doctor's visit or being a relative. There is always something for everyone and the goal is to increase knowledge about medicine and health.

DOKTORN.COM is one of the country's largest sites in health, medicine and wellness. The site has high credibility and is a natural channel for those who are interested in finding knowledge about various diseases and reading more about health and well-being. There are also local sites in Denmark, Norway and Finland.


For the care waiting room, we offer services that are appreciated by both patients and care staff. Our goal is to inform, maintain and engage your patients, which at the same time provides a shorter perceived waiting time.

Through the waiting room TV service, you can reach out with current information to patients. Your information is mixed with an entertainment package with daily news, sports and weather to maintain patients' attention.