Privacy Policy

It is important to us at Add Health Media AB (556574-7770) that you feel safe with how we handle your personal information. Therefore, we are open about how we collect, process and share with you the information that we store about you with us. We never sell your personal information to other companies.

Personal data is all information that can be used to identify an individual. Examples of this can be basic information about you such as name and contact information. We ensure that your personal data is always protected with us, and that the processing follows both current data protection rules, internal guidelines and routines. We have also appointed data protection officers who review that these rules are followed. Please note that these terms apply from 25 May 2018.

Why do we collect information?

Whether you are a website visitor, newspaper subscriber, advertiser, supplier or reception, Add Health Media (AHM) collects information to offer, develop and improve our services and products. Some information is also necessary from a legal point of view, such as agreements between AHM and subscribers via Title Data, orders, supplier agreements and reception agreements between AHM and the receptions. In order for us to process your personal data, there must be support in current legislation, there must be a legal basis for the processing. In order for our processing of your personal data to be legal, it is required that it is necessary to fulfill the agreement with you and / or to fulfill a legal obligation for AHM.

The processing of your personal data may also be done after a balance of interests, where AHM’s interest in performing a processing of data is weighed against your interest in privacy protection after you have given consent to the processing. A consent is given separately and you can always revoke it by contacting us.

In order to provide services and products to you, we need to process your personal data. Below you will find information about the purposes for which we process your personal data, based on the legal basis and for how long we store the data. The time we save your personal information varies depending on what the information is needed for. We never save data longer than we need for current purposes.

Customer information. Customer information is information that is yours as a person and that is linked to subscriptions to the magazine, orderers of books or as recipients of one of our waiting room services; it can be name, social security number and other contact information. As an advertiser, you are treated and go under the name customer and we also collect adequate information for appropriate needs that affect the sale of advertising space. We process customer data and traffic data in order to provide services and products to you, fulfill agreements and safeguard our rights under the agreement. For example, we need to be able to identify you as a customer, handle your orders, handle your invoices and payments for the service and / or product, credit information, registry maintenance, troubleshoot and fix errors, handle comments and complaints about services and products and ensure that our services and products reach intended recipient.

Legal basis: performance of contract, legal obligation.

Develop and improve our services and products. We process customer data, such as making selections and conducting customer surveys, to develop and improve our business, our services and products that we can offer you, and our processes and methods.

Legal basis: legitimate interest.

Provide and improve service to our customers. We process your customer data and traffic data, such as that we handle your case history, to be able to provide customer service, to be able to provide our self-service, and to be able to constantly train our employees and improve our way of working to always offer you the best possible service. When you contact us, the communication may be analyzed.

Legal basis: performance of agreements, balancing of interests (AHM has a legitimate interest in being able to maintain good customer service).

Direct marketing. We process customer data, which is collected via forms or surveys, in order to offer you relevant offers regarding our products and services. We process traffic data, by collecting, saving, processing and analyzing, for example analyzing how exactly you use our services and products, in order to be able to tailor offers that suit you. The marketing takes place via e.g. letters and e-mails.

Legal basis: legitimate interest (customer details) and consent (approval of mailing).

Fulfill obligation under law or other statute, authority regulation, decision, request or guidelines and to be able to safeguard our interests. We process your customer data and traffic data in order to be able to fulfill our obligations under law or other statutes, government regulations, decisions, requests or guidelines, for example we save data in accordance with the Accounting Act and the Electronic Communications Act.

Legal basis: legal obligation.

How long we store your information

As a general rule, we save your customer information for the purposes we have stated above as long as you are a customer of ours in some respect. But we may also save this information longer for certain purposes, for example for:


To improve your user experience and to give you as a visitor access to certain functionality. Our cookies do not store information such as names and personal information. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer by the website you visit. Cookies make it possible to, for example:

You always have the opportunity to say no to cookies etc. To do this, you need to change the settings in your browser. Please note that blocking cookies may result in you not having access to all pages and functions on our website. It may also impair your user experience. For more detailed information about cookies and how you can turn off cookies, see

To whom we disclose your information

To subcontractors or to companies in our group that process information on our behalf. Vi anlitar underleverantörer och i vissa fall bolag inom vår egen koncern för att kunna leverera våra tjänster och produkter. This means that they also need some information about you as a customer. However, these parties may not use your personal information for any purpose other than to provide the service or product or on the terms we specify.

Transfer of personal data to third countries

If we use suppliers who operate outside the EU / EEA, in a so-called third country, to be able to provide services and products to you and transfer your personal data to a third country for this purpose, we check that there is either an adequate level of protection in the country or that there are special guarantees that the data and your rights are protected. Sufficient guarantees can be that the transfer is regulated by special contractual clauses that protect your rights or by binding company-internal rules.

Your rights

In accordance with current legislation, you have a number of rights which means that you can obtain information about and control over your own personal data. Here we list your rights and at the end of the document you will find contact information for AHM that you can use if you want to assert your rights.

You normally have the right to exercise your rights below free of charge. However, if the request is manifestly unfounded or unreasonable, we may either charge a reasonable fee or choose not to comply with the request. We will respond to a request from you without undue delay and normally within a month. Should additional time be required or if for any reason we are unable to accommodate your request, we will inform you of this. We may also request additional information from you if required to enable you to verify your identity and ensure that it is you and not someone else trying to gain access to or control over your personal information.

Right to information and access to your personal data You have the right to request confirmation of whether we process personal data about you and if so, we will inform you about how your personal data is processed. You also have the right to receive a copy of the information we process (through a register extract). If you request additional copies, we have the right to charge a reasonable fee for this.

Right to rectification. It is important to us that the personal information we have about you is correct. If the information is incorrect, you have the right to contact us and ask to have the information corrected. You also have the right to request that information be added if something is missing, if the addition is relevant with regard to the purpose of the processing. We will notify those to whom we have disclosed your information that a correction has been made. We will also, at your request, inform you of to whom / what information about the correction has been disclosed.

Right to be deleted

In some cases, however, we can not accommodate a request for deletion, e.g. if we are obliged by law to save the data. If deletion occurs, we will notify those to whom we have disclosed your information that deletion has taken place. We will also, at your request, inform you of to whom / what information about deletion has been disclosed.

Right to object. You always have the right to object at any time to the use of your information for direct marketing. You do this by contacting us at AHM. If you make such an objection, we will no longer process the data for that purpose. You also have the right to object to us processing your information on the basis of a balance of interests. If we can not show that there are compelling justified reasons for the treatment that outweigh your reasons, the treatment must cease.

Right to limitation of treatment

In some cases, however, we can not accommodate a request for restriction e.g. if the information is necessary for us to be able to defend our rights or protect another person’s rights. If a restriction occurs, we will notify those to whom we have disclosed your information that a restriction has occurred. We will also, at your request, inform you of to whom / what information about restriction has been disclosed.

Right to data portability. You have the right to request that your personal information be published in a machine-readable format. This right applies to such personal data that you have provided to us and which is processed with the support of your consent or if the processing is based on an agreement with us.

Contact information for AHM and our data protection representative

If you want to exercise your rights e.g. revoke your consent: Contact us in writing at Add Health Media AB Isafjordsgatan 32B 164 40 KISTA. For other questions you can reach us on 08 648 49 00 or [email protected]

If you do not want our direct marketing : You always have the right to say no to our direct marketing of services and products that are done via e-mail or by post. Click unsubscribe in the email or unsubscribe by letter to the address above.


If you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of applicable law, you can submit a complaint directly to us or to the Swedish Data Inspectorate.

Personal data manager Add Health Media AB. Add Health Media AB is responsible for the processing of our customers’ (consumers) personal data made for the Add Health Media brand. As the person responsible for personal data, we determine the purpose and means of the processing.

Add Health Media AB, Isafjordsgatan 32B, 164 40 Kista

Data Protection Officer Add Health Media AB Our data protection officer monitors that we comply with current legislation and process your personal data in a correct manner. If you want to contact our data protection representative, you can email [email protected]

Change of the privacy policy

Add Health Media AB may change this privacy policy. It changes in the same way as the general terms and conditions for the service or product that you have with us. We will also announce a change on our website There we will also keep all versions of the policy available to you. This policy applies to all brands within Add Health Media AB.