Praktisk Medicin

Praktisk Medicin is one of the most widely used sources of information for doctors and other healthcare professionals. Here, the approximately 1,000 most common ailments are described and a large number of doctors contribute to keeping the information up to date.


An easier professional everyday life

What doctors have the least of is enough time. Time for further education, information material or long, complicated, texts that, when you have time, can be excellent but not always fulfill the right function. We are aware of this and have therefore continued to build Praktisk Medicin, which includes fast and creative information solutions on site, well-founded and effective further training and decision support in digital and printed form that facilitates clinical everyday life.

The never-ending knowledge bank

For 40 years, the Praktisk Medicin book has been a part of many doctors' everyday lives. We want doctors to continue to be at the forefront of healthcare, with constant access to a never-ending knowledge bank. To facilitate this knowledge acquisition, we now manage and refine Praktisk Medicin.

Healthcare in the future - PM Academy

Under Praktisk Medicin, new formats are being developed for special education and smarter ways to quickly and efficiently inform about new and updated treatment guidelines. Via the PM Academy training platform, which is available in all Nordic countries, doctors and other healthcare professionals can train when it suits them. For safer care today and in the future.

One of Sweden's most used decision support for doctors for 40 years. The content of the site is continuously updated. The site is visited every month by hundreds of thousands of users, most of whom come from the county council's servers and the large private care providers.

The site also has the education platform PM Academy, which are digital educations for doctors. PM Academy is located in all Nordic countries.