Our vision

We will increase people's knowledge about health and medicine.

In the service of knowledge since 1999

Add Health Media, which originally went by the name Erlandsson & Bloom AB, was founded in 1999 by Göran Erlandsson and Johan Bloom. The company has always had the patient in focus, regardless of whether it is about training doctors to help patients better or provide high-quality but easy-to-understand information to those who want to know more about their disease. In collaboration with healthcare and patients, several different services have been developed and discontinued over the years to support people to increase their knowledge and motivation about their health. Today, Add Health Media has the services Doktorn.com and Doktorn waiting room TV that reach the public and PraktiskMedicin.se which reaches the care staff. All services are dominant in their category and are available in all Nordic countries.

Where patients and consumers meet care and care staff

After about ten years, the digital initiative saw its light and the flagship DOKTORN.com was launched, a site that covers the core areas of medicine, health and well-being and has a school medical focus. Over the years, millions of Swedes have visited the site to get advice and tips, immerse themselves or just be inspired and increase knowledge in medicine and health. With a large dominance on the patient and consumer side, Add Health Media made the decision to acquire Praktisk medicin in order to have a strong platform also for healthcare staff. Praktisk medicin was created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals over 40 years ago and is today one of the most widely used sources of information for doctors and other healthcare professionals. Today, all parts of the business that concern consumers and patients are included under the brand DOKTORN and the parts that concern healthcare staff fall under the brand Praktisk Medicin.

With a digital touch

Today, part of the business is based on waiting room TV in the waiting rooms. However, with the digital platforms DOKTORN.com and Praktiskmedicin.se as well as the digital agency acquired in 2019, a strong digital portfolio is also being built for the future. Where effective, creative and secure digital solutions and knowledge in, for example, SEO and other key technical areas are in demand, Add Health Media can now also meet that demand.

Increase people's knowledge about medicine and health

In recent years, we have also made strategic investments in e-health companies in the start-up phase. We constantly work closely with organizations and associations to strengthen our social commitment, a work that together with sustainability issues is very important to us. Add Health Media is today owned by the founder Johan Bloom, the business angel Lars Lindgren, the employee Rikard Ekberg and several other key people in e-health and media. Over the years, the company has been strengthened, changed and refined, but always rooted in the origin, that everything the company does should increase people's knowledge about medicine and health.

Who is who at Add Health Media

Lisa Miksell

Business Development Manager

Dennis Zirath

Key Account Manager

Alexandra Skogström

Key Account Manager

Jennie Wåge

Nordic Key Account Manager

Denice Stengård

Nordic Key Account Manager

Moa Järefäll

Head of Production

Rebecka Nyberg

Campaign Manager

Pontus Ström

Marketing Coordinator

Bengt Linder

Distribution, support and installations TV

Sofia Åkerlund

Editor in chief Praktisk Medicin

Rebecka Kaplan Sturk

Editor in chief DOKTORN

Pernilla Bloom

Editor in chief DOKTORN

Sara Östlund

HR, Office and Finance

Emma Ragnarsson

Sales and Project Manager Web, Product Owner

Peter Oldebäck

Web Designer - Front End

Martin Tenovski

Web Designer - Front End

Robert Österlind

Web Developer - Back End

Johan Bloom

Investments Curus

Richard Österlind

Consultant Occident

Susanna Österlind

Consultant Occident

Job opportunities

Would you thrive in a company where the spirit of initiative can live and curiosity can take place? Where health and well-being are key words that drive the business and where every working day has a clear purpose? Then you are welcome to spontaneously apply to Add Health Media. As an employer, we offer our employees wellness grants, good pension agreements, health and wellness and a creative and motivation-driven work environment. Personal chemistry is important to us and we want everyone to feel safe and motivated. If it sounds like something for you, you are welcome to submit a spontaneous application to us.