Success for the DOCTOR’s major investment in the Migraine Test


DOKTORN has launched the major initiative Migrant test, where 8 million Swedes have the opportunity to take a digital migraine test. During the first week, the campaign was visited by around 80,000 people, of whom 20 percent completed the Migraine Test. We are now looking at more therapy areas that need X-rays like this.

Migraine affects 14 percent of the population and therefore DOCTOR launches the Migraine Test, a test that gives sufferers an indication of how severe migraine you actually suffer from. The test is called MIDAS and is used daily by healthcare. In addition, there are also questions that are linked to current treatment, quality of life, what help they have received from the care and what help they want from the care and which county council they belong to.

– Migraines and headaches have long attracted large readers on our site. Already during the test in the first week, we have received figures that confirm the picture that many migraine patients neither seek out nor receive the help they are entitled to, says Anders Åker, editor-in-chief DOCTOR.

The campaign will run for a total of ten weeks and will reach 7 to 8 million by making the campaign visible on Aftonbladet, one of the country’s largest news sites. One reason why the campaign has such a large impact is precisely the power that comes from the media giant Schibsted.

– As Schibsted has invested in Add Health Media, which is behind DOKTORN and Praktisk Medicin, we have a much wider and greater reach. This means that we reach many more people with our messages and campaigns such as the Migraine Test, says Johan Bloom, business developer at Add Health Media.

The large spread contributes to the fact that during the campaign period you have the opportunity to collect a large proportion of data to help both migraine patients and care.

– We will collect a large amount of data where you will find out how common it is with sick leave, reduced ability to work, quality of life, treatment and whether the patient has received treatment in adequate care. We will see this right down to the county council level. The forecast is that during the period we will receive 30,000 – 40,000 answers that will be analyzed.

The headache association, in turn, has in dialogue with the DOCTOR confirmed the picture of an increased need for knowledge and the possibility of the right treatment that the test already shows.

For DOKTORN, this type of campaign opens up new opportunities.

– For us, it is important to not only create an awareness of the problem but also contribute to patients having the opportunity to feel better, says Anders Åker.

The large amount of data collected will, after the end of the campaign, be presented in its entirety with conclusions and comments from stakeholders and experts. Other areas of therapy that are under discussion for screening and similar campaigns are type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and IBS.

– Data is and will remain a strong tool in increasing understanding of how to look at major issues in medicine and healthcare. Now we see that we can efficiently and quickly via our platforms collect a high proportion of relevant data which can then contribute to strengthening the state of knowledge in major diagnoses, Johan Bloom concludes.

The test is available atäntestet

For more information:

Anders Åker, Editor-in-Chief of Add Health Media
[email protected], 0703-64 84 22

Johan Bloom, Business Development Add Health Media
+46 (0) 733 648 490, [email protected]

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