Success for Sanofi’s patient education on atopic dermatitis on


Informative films aimed at educating patients about the skin disease atopic dermatitis. This laid the foundations for’s latest patient education initiative and since the campaign’s launch, over 1,100 people have watched the films.

In addition to the films, the education is supplemented with articles and questionnaires, giving patients the opportunity to absorb the information in a number of ways and also the chance to reflect on what they have learnt. So far, the patient education page on atopic dermatitis has had over 27,000 visitors, with over 1,100 people having watched one of the films.

The patient education on atopic dermatitis has been produced with the unconditional financial support of Sanofi.

– We have chosen to work with Add Health Media for their creativity, innovation and the professionalism of both their staff and their delivery. We had a need to reach out to people affected by atopic dermatitis to increase and strengthen their knowledge about the disease, what treatments are available and how to achieve the very best individual outcome with optimal disease control. In this new format, anyone who wants to learn more can gain knowledge via short videos – which we believe is a more compelling alternative to traditional text-only education. We are very pleased and proud of our partnership with Add Health Media,” said Carolina Kiesel, Stakeholder Engagement Manager – Immunology Specialty Care at Sanofi.

The patient education on atopic dermatitis is divided into three parts. In the first two films, dermatologist Josefin Lysell talks about the disease and what the treatment pathway looks like, and in the third film we hear a patient story. The aim of the patient education is to strengthen the patient’s knowledge about his or her own disease by means of short and informative films.

– We’ve known for a long time that films are something we want to focus on more, so it’s been great to develop this patient education in collaboration with Sanofi. It has challenged us both creatively and commercially. We also believe that film is a rewarding format for the visitor, who can watch it while waiting for the bus, for example. Of course, it’s particularly pleasing to see the good figures, as it’s proof that the information is getting through and that we can help patients to increase their knowledge of the disease,” says Lisa Miksell, Nordic Sales & Marketing Director at Add Health Media.

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For more information:
Lisa Miksell, Nordic Sales & Marketing Director Add Health Media
[email protected], 070-144 54 24

Watch the patient education on atopic dermatitis here

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