Praktisk Medicin launches training for doctors and healthcare professionals on pneumococcal vaccines


PraktiskMedicin.se is one of Sweden’s largest platforms for information and continuing education for doctors and other healthcare professionals. A new education is now being launched, which aims to strengthen knowledge about pneumococcal vaccines.

Every month, PraktiskMedicin.se is visited by 370,000 unique visitors, the majority of whom are healthcare staff. Many physicians use the PM Academy education platform and over 15,000 educations have been completed in the last two years.

Vaccination against pneumococci is often handled in primary care or by other non-specialists in the field, which is why it is important that there is a high level of security and a high level of knowledge among doctors and healthcare professionals. The education from PM Academy is developed in collaboration with Kristian Riesbeck, professor of Clinical Bacteriology, Lund University and chief physician in Clinical Microbiology, Labmedicin Skåne.

– This training can probably be helpful in guiding prescribing care staff and increase their background knowledge about pneumococcal vaccination, says Kristian Riesbeck, professor at Lund University and chief physician in Clinical Microbiology at Laboratory Medicine Skåne.

The education consists of 6 questions and answers that inspire and motivate learning in an interactive way. It is deliberately created to take only about 10 minutes to complete, without compromising on quality.

– In questionnaires that the doctors have filled in after completed training, we can see that there is a great interest in filling in the knowledge bank. As many as 85-95 percent believe that the educations have helped them in their clinical everyday life and over 90 percent would like to do more educations and recommend them to their colleagues. It is very fun to see and we look forward to continuing to develop new educations in more areas, says Sofia Åkerlund, leg. doctor and editor-in-chief of Praktisk Medicin.

In 2020, PraktiskMedicin.se launched its training platform in the rest of the Nordic region, and even there they see a great deal of interest and need for further training for healthcare staff. More Nordic educations are to be expected.

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For more information:
Sofia Åkerkund, leg. doctor and editor-in-chief Praktisk Medicin
[email protected] , 0702-20 53 88

The training on pneumococcal vaccines has received independent financial support from Pfizer innovations AB.

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