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Praktisk Medicin launches updated education for doctors and health professionals on pneumococcal vaccine

2023/02/09 is one of Sweden’s largest platforms for information and education for doctors and other healthcare professionals. An updated and revised version of a popular education course on pneumococcal vaccine is now being launched.

Every month is visited by 300 000 unique visitors, the majority of whom are healthcare professionals. Many doctors use the PM Academy education platform and over 15,000 education courses have been held in the last two years.

Vaccination against pneumococcal disease is often administered in primary care or by other non-specialists in the field, so it is important that there is a high level of confidence and knowledge among doctors and health professionals. The PM Academy training is developed in collaboration with Kristian Riesbeck, Professor of Clinical Bacteriology at Lund University, Senior Physician in Clinical Bacteriology and Virology. An earlier version of the training has already been completed by 500 doctors and healthcare professionals. Due to new guidelines from 2022, the education has been redesigned and is now being launched in an updated version.

— There is a lot happening in the pneumococcal vaccine field at the moment! The epidemiological panorama is changing, new serotypes are emerging and more comprehensive vaccines have been introduced. The population is also getting healthier while the risk groups are increasing in size. The Public Health Agency has also updated its recommendations. If you don’t work with pneumococcal vaccination on a daily basis, this training can be a help, says Kristian Riesbeck.

The education course consists of 6 questions and answers that inspire and motivate learning in an interactive way. It is deliberately designed to take only about 15 minutes to complete, without compromising on quality.

— In surveys completed by doctors after training courses, we can see that there is a great interest in replenishing the knowledge bank. More than 80% believe that the training courses are useful in their daily clinical practice and 90% would like to do more training courses and recommend them to their colleagues. This is very exciting to see and we look forward to continuing to develop new courses in more areas, says Sofia Åkerlund, leg. doctor and editor-in-chief of Praktisk Medicin.

In 2020, Practical Medicine launched its education platform in the rest of the Nordic region, where there is also a great interest and need for continuing education for healthcare professionals. More Nordic education courses are expected.

För mer information:
Sofia Åkerlund, leg. physician and editor-in-chief of Praktisk Medicin
[email protected], 0702­20 53 88


Click here to go to the pneumococcal vaccine training course


Pneumococcal vaccine education has received independent financial support from Pfizer AB.

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