Over 1 million visitors to DOKTORN.com


In January this year, one of the country’s by far the largest medicine and health sites reached over 1 million unique visitors and almost 2 million page views. The most visited thematic articles during the period were gastritis, closely followed by menopause and in third place the article on fever.

The site run by Add Health Media has been around since 2008 and is today one of the most visited when it comes to reading about medicine, health and well-being.

– We have seen a stable increase over the years but nothing comes by itself. Behind the success is a combination of strong efforts in editorial and web development as well as advertising sales. It is gratifying to see that it bears fruit and that we reach our readers, says Anders Åker who is the editor-in-chief of DOKTORN.

The most read articles of the period have been gastritis, menopause, fever but also sinus problems and sleep problems are on the top list.

– Overall, this says a lot about society, we experience stress to a greater extent, which I mean is the explanation why many have problems with the stomach and sleep. At the same time, menopause has been more on the agenda than ever, which can be seen in the next issue of the magazine Doktorn, where we have the big issue on menopause. Problems with sinuses are associated with colds and that is the time of year now when we see a sharp increase in all articles related to colds and flu, therefore fever is also very high.

In addition to Doktorn.com, which targets patients and the general public, Add Health Media also runs Praktiskmedicin.se, which targets healthcare staff. There is also an increase in traffic.

– We have also reached a record at Praktisk Medicin and what we can say with certainty is that we see that much of the traffic comes from healthcare servers. Many of the sites that target healthcare professionals have the dilemma that patients visit them, but in our case we feel confident that it is healthcare professionals who to a large extent take part in the diagnostic data and treatment overviews that we provide via the site.

A major reader survey conducted by Add Health Media in collaboration with an independent external analysis company will soon be released, which will present further success figures.

– Next week we will go out with the data we have received in our first major reader survey, but already now I can reveal that we have received top marks from our readers. This also applies to the continuous web survey that is on the site, where for almost 10 years we have had around 96 percent credibility and that about 94 percent find what they are looking for. With figures and results like this, it is always fun to go to work, but we do not relax about it but continue to strengthen our position to become the Nordic region’s leading health and medicine site, says Anders Åker.

For more information:

Anders Åker, editor-in-chief
[email protected] , 0703 648 422

All sites within Add Health Media use Google Analytics as a measurement tool for online traffic. Doktorn.com and PraktiskMedicin.se can also be found on the SIS and KIA indices.

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