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New site for the organization Young Rheumatists


Young Rheumatologists is a non-profit organization that works actively for children, adolescents and young adults with rheumatic disease. The organization’s vision is that all young rheumatologists should feel the joy of life and be able to fulfill their dreams. They conduct public opinion and advocacy work for the rights of young rheumatologists in society. They organize camps and arrange local activities and have an ambassador program with support friends. Through the Young Rheumatism Foundation, they also work with fundraising for research concerning rheumatic disease in children, adolescents and young adults.

We got the chance to develop a new site for Young Rheumatists. Together we wanted to create a modern site that gave members and other visitors a positive sense of community and opportunity. It was also important that all different actors (members, relatives, donors, schools, politicians and more) would find all information in a simple way.

Usually we design and develop the sites completely from scratch and adapted to each customer, but here was a request from Young Rheumatists to use a so-called WordPress theme that is developed specifically for charities, the WordPress theme Charity is Hop e. Based on this theme, our designers and developers have created a so-called child theme where they have adapted design and functions according to Young Rheumatists’ wishes and needs.

Feel free to visit the site and see the great result:

Congratulations to Young Rheumatists and the team behind the launch!


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