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New company site for Perimed


Perimed is a Swedish medical technology company with headquarters in Stockholm and a global presence with subsidiaries in the USA, China, France, Germany and Italy.

Perimed develops, manufactures and sells equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of microvascular diseases. Perimed’s products are widely used in research and also in healthcare for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The machines are used, among other things, to measure blood circulation in damaged body parts in patients with diabetes or burns.

Perimed wanted a new modern website that was fully responsive, that conveyed credibility and that was adapted for the target groups of researchers and healthcare professionals. At the same time, Perimed needs to have very comprehensive information on its site to meet the needs of both healthcare professionals and researchers. This placed demands on the site’s structure and navigation so that the site, despite the amount of content, would still be user-friendly.

It was also important for Perimed that the site would be easy to update and that the company’s marketing department would be able to change texts, images and other parts if necessary. We therefore chose to develop the site in WordPress, a CMS that is user-friendly and easy to manage for a webmaster. We also handle hosting for Perimed and will be responsible for day-to-day management.

In a first step, an English site has been launched and during the spring we will develop local sites for China and France, among others.

Feel free to see the great result here:

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