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Add Health Media supports orphanages in Udon Thani


Udon Thani Home for Girls receives financial support through Add Health Media.

Volunteer Swedes collect money voluntarily every year, partly through donations and partly through sales and other activities both in Thailand and in Sweden. The money goes in full to the orphanage to buy supplies and consumables. Among other things, sleeping pads and blankets have been delivered so that the children no longer need to sleep directly on the tile floor. All money raised is reported at the annual second day meeting, current figures are reported internally to the MPR members. Every year, a “letter of donation” is also submitted with a copy to the Swedish embassy in Thailand. Add Health Media is proud to support Udon Thani Home for Girls and give children there better opportunities for a safe upbringing environment. More can do more – and your help is needed!

Grants can be deposited in bank account 6879-749 365 978 or via Swish to 0708 575 222. Feel free to enter the name of the sender.

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