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Add Health Media invests in RemissHjälpen


Self-referrals make care more efficient

Add Health Media invests in the e-health company RemissHjälpen, which enables patients to write their own referrals digitally and securely in a flexible manner throughout Sweden. This will enable more caregivers to meet the care guarantee.

In April, the fast-growing health media company Add Health Media invested in RemissHjälpen, which has a secure digital platform for patients to easily write their own referral, get support, availability information, costs, caregiver-specific information and other data that simplifies the application process.

– I am very pleased that we get Add Health Media as a partner because they have knowledge and media that reach out to our customers. We see that there is a need to streamline the referral procedure as in many places in Sweden there are still obvious shortcomings in the ability to meet the care guarantee. There is great potential in improving and simplifying the care flows that exist today and we now have the conditions to take the company to the next level and continue the positive development, says Alexander Knezevic, owner and CEO of RemissHjälpen.

In addition, the company is working on the development of an AI system with regard to doctor-prescribed referrals and management of referral flows.

– We saw that RemissHjälpen is just in time to make it easier for patients to end up right in the care chain without long waiting times. In addition, we see potential in developing this further so that healthcare care referral management is also streamlined. With our wide network of contacts and our media, we can help reach out faster, says Johan Bloom, co-owner and business developer at Add Health Media.

Johan Bloom, Development manager, Add Health Media AB
[email protected]
0733-64 84 90

Alexander Knezevic, CEO, Remisshjälpen Sverige AB
[email protected]
0702-55 74 98

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