Ongoing management

The site is designed, developed and launched – what happens next?

We work with long-term customer relationships and are there before, during and after a project. Once the strategy has been developed and the site has been developed and launched, it is important to continue working continuously to optimize and further develop the site and other digital communication. We offer a management service that ensures that the investment in the form of web and other digital communication continues to create value for you and the company’s target groups. Specifically, it can be about security updates, keeping track of the site, updating blogs and social media and making sure that everything works as it should.

With us as a management partner, you always have a proactive ballpark that sees what needs to be done, which is the next step and at the same time someone who can do the job itself. We remind, have reconciliation meetings and are your best colleague in taking care of your digital communication so that everything is done and you get more time for other things.

Examples of parts that can be included in a management assignment:

  • Site hosting
  • Security updates
  • Planning of activities based on strategy (quarter / half year / full year) including evaluation and follow-up
  • Regular review of pages and content
  • Remind and suggest updates and activities
  • Proposals and production of content
  • Reconciliation meetings monthly including email follow-up
  • Web analytics in the form of statistics analysis, report and recommendations

We are happy to provide a tailored quote on ongoing management based entirely on your needs.

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