Orvesto: The magazine Doktorn continues to increase


The latest figures from Orvesto * speak for themselves; the reach of the country’s only pure waiting room magazine continues to increase. The magazine, which has been in the country’s care clinics for over 10 years, thus shows no signs of slowing down in reach or popularity.

– Before the summer, we were able to state that the range had a very positive development and therefore it is gratifying to see that it is confirmed in the very latest survey from Orvesto. I have a strong belief in our print media so it’s fun to get these numbers in hand, says Anders Åker, editor-in-chief.

The magazine Doktorn is published four times a year and contains an appreciated mix of medical articles, popular science, exciting meetings with well-known profiles, health tips and inspiration.

– Our keywords are medicine, health and well-being and we always make sure that the content we fill the magazine with, whether it is editorial or advertising-related, follows these. Today, we are also so much more than the newspaper as we produce and distribute brochures and waiting room TVs for care clinics.

A very recent issue of The Doctor is coming in September.

– We look forward to presenting a well-filled issue where you get to get to know the TV legend Artur Ringart and the successful author Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg. The big focus is on mental illness, something that is incredibly important to raise and talk about. I also continue to drive the development with a holistic approach to our media, which means that the content will be available digitally on one of the country’s largest health sites

During the summer, a national survey was conducted on how waiting room services are received, a survey that confirms that people not only see but also read newspapers, television and brochures.

– The survey is positive as it shows that people, whether they are patients or healthcare professionals, take part in our media and the knowledge they convey. This means that we feel confident to continue to offer our waiting room services a newspaper and brochure stand free of charge to anyone who wishes, preferably in combination with waiting room TV, says Johan Bloom, acting CEO.

The next issue of The Doctor will be published on September 19, and in addition to the topic of mental illness, you can read more about cancer in children, medicine in the field, organ donation and medical history about how ether came to affect modern surgery.

For more information:
Anders Åker, editor-in-chief
[email protected], 0703-648 422

* Orvesto 2018: 1 Range increase approximately 3.1 percent from 65,000 to 67,000 in the latest survey.

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