Klart Vädertjänster in healthcare waiting rooms

2022/06/17’s TV channel, which is shown in healthcare waiting rooms, is now receiving weather from Klart Vädertjänster. The collaboration includes screens in both medical and dental clinics throughout Sweden. has one of Sweden’s most visited health and medical websites and a TV channel that is shown in the waiting rooms of health and dental care facilities. It is one of the largest out-of-home channels in Sweden, with nearly 900 screens spread across the country. The screens are digitally controlled and the content is adapted according to the location and the health centre where they are shown. The channel now introduces weather information from Klart Vädertjänster.

– We are very happy about the cooperation with Klart. With Klart we have developed customised solutions where we have the possibility to display the weather depending on which county the clinic is located in. This is a big boost for the TV channel, says Rikard Ekberg, CEO of Add Health Media, which owns

The weather solution with Klart also creates opportunities to publish other information that can be appreciated by patients in the waiting rooms.

– It will be exciting to develop the cooperation between Klart and, as weather, pollen forecasts and, for example, icy roads are related to health. There are many interesting solutions that we can continue to develop when we can control geographically, says Malin Brinktell, CEO of Klart Weather Services.

The TV channel has agreements with the major private healthcare providers as well as many healthcare clinics within the regions. The clinics can use 30 % of the channel’s time to communicate with their patients, such as vaccinations, opening hours, digital solutions for visits and more. Hospitals subscribe to the service and the TV channel also receives advertising revenue from public authorities, pharmacies and other organisations that want to reach viewers.

For more information:
Rikard Ekberg, CEO Add Health Media AB
[email protected], 0709-21 61 23

Malin Brinktell, CEO Klart Vädertjänster
[email protected], 0701-44 86 68

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