Add Health Media invests heavily in e-health


Add Health Media AB (AHM) is increasing its ownership in the e-health company Doctrin. In a short time, Doctrin has received a great deal of attention in healthcare Sweden for its e-health solution, which streamlines and increases the quality of patient visits.

Doctrin was founded by e-health consultant Magnus Liungman and has brought with it the major investors in the e-health area, including the care company Capio and the Norrsken Foundation, a non-profit foundation started by one of the Klarna founders with the aim of developing and investing in companies which works for a better world. AHM went in from the start but has now chosen to increase its ownership further.

Recently, e-health entrepreneur Anna Dalgaard joined as a partner and board member of AHM with the aim of picking out the most promising e-health companies to invest in.

– We have good insight into the e-health companies’ offers and Doctrin has very promising services that are difficult for anyone else to compete with. We were addressed by the company’s mission to improve healthcare and we see that the development of Doctrin will continue at a rapid pace, says Anna Dalgaard, former founder of Health Navigator.

Doctrin offers a tool for intelligent history recording (compilation of the patient’s medical history) and triage (prioritization of patients). Capio will make Doctrine’s platform available to its 750,000 listed patients in 2017.

– I made early contact with the business angel Lars Lindgren who is a partner in AHM because I know that AHM has a large network of contacts and experience in healthcare. I see that they chose to invest in Doctrin from the start as a confirmation that Doctrin’s services are unique and have great potential, says Magnus Liungman, founder and CEO of Doctrin.

Earlier this spring, Nordic Waiting Room TV was acquired by AHM and thus became the largest player in health & medical media aimed at the general public. AHM wants to be at the forefront of the development of communication in healthcare and health and is investing aggressively in the area of e-health.

– We have discussions and follow more promising e-health companies that we will certainly invest in. With our various media services and contacts with the healthcare players, we can accelerate their development to become first or strongest in the market, says Brodde Wetter, CEO of AHM.

For more information contact

Brodde Wetter, CEO, Add Health Media AB, [email protected] , 0707-997 872
Anna Dalgaard, board member, Add Health Media AB, [email protected] , 0734-100 113
Johan Bloom, Business Development Manager, Add Health Media AB, [email protected] , 0733-648 490
Magnus Liungman, CEO, Doctrin, [email protected] , 0735-063 500
Anders Åker, press contact Add Health Media AB, [email protected], 0733-648 422

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