BMS – Eliquispatient

Pre-approved patient site

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is a global biopharmaceutical company that works to discover, develop and deliver innovative drugs that help patients overcome serious illnesses.

We have worked together with BMS for over 10 years with a large number of different projects. Among other things, we have developed patient sites , a knowledge database for doctors, managed the company sites for all Nordic markets and the Ask the Doctor service.

BMS has developed an award-winning patient support program for Eliquis , a drug in the field of cardiovascular disease.

The patient support consists of, among other things, a pre-approved patient site. A patient site provides simple and clear information about the drug and the treatment. It helps the patient to absorb information about the drug and contributes to increased patient safety – Eliquis patient is a good example of this. We have developed design, copy and developed and handle ongoing maintenance and further development of the pre-approved patient site Eliquispatient.

Our digital agency has extensive experience of developing patient sites in accordance with LIF’s regulations. On a patient site, it is allowed to write the product and substance name, use product logo and brand colors. It is also possible to describe indications, reach out with patient support programs and use other methods to convey information such as film, illustrations and graphic objects.

Feel free to contact us to hear more about how you can work with LIF-approved patient sites.



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