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Meet the medical expert group at Praktisk Medicin


On our new editorial page , you can read more about our expert group – a scientific council that ensures knowledge and quality assures the content on .

At, we have a total of about 1,000 treatment overviews with 370,000 unique visits a month. Through PM Academy, we also offer easily accessible and current training for doctors and other healthcare staff.

Attached to our editorial staff is a large group of doctors and leading subject matter experts who write and review the medical factual content. Thanks to them, we keep our texts updated and evidence-based. On our new editorial page, you can read more about our experts and their special areas, research and publications.

Working in healthcare today means a high work pace and high demands on being able to investigate and treat a wide range of symptoms and diseases. It is a great challenge to have time to update their knowledge, and to find and assimilate relevant new information. Through digital training, knowledge support, patient information and more, we provide the knowledge needed to create the best possible care for the individual patient. Our treatment overviews and training are aimed at doctors and healthcare professionals and aim to function as a support in their everyday lives.

We in the editorial office would like to extend a warm thank you to all medical examiners and experts for their very solid and committed work to update the treatment overviews and create high quality education.

Greetings from the editorial staff at Praktisk Medicin, through Rebecka Kaplan Sturk, acting editor-in-chief.

PS. Feel free to contact me if you have other thoughts or ideas on how we can make Praktisk Medicin even better, or if you are interested in working on a project basis in the creation of more educations.

Meet the medical expert group here!

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