Allergan – Chronic migraine

Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company with operations in over 100 countries. Allergan develops, produces and sells medicines and other products in areas such as eye care, urology, central nervous system and medical aesthetics.

The most well-known drug in the allergen is Botox. Many people may associate Botox mainly with beauty treatments, but Botox is a drug with many different uses. Among other things, patients with chronic migraine can receive treatment with Botox.

We were commissioned to develop a new site for people suffering from chronic migraine. The goal of the site is both to spread knowledge about different forms of treatment, make it easier for the patient to receive treatment but also convey a feeling of hope.

The site contains information as well as various tools, such as the migraine test and a headache calendar. There is also help to easily find the right doctor.

Allergan has the concept of quality of life as a guide to inspire the company and guide them in everything they do.

Improved quality of life is also something many patients with chronic migraines dream of. This is something we have taken into account in the design of the site and the goal of better quality of life has been a guiding principle in the choice of film, copy, images and structure.

The result was a modern site with movies on the home page, a user-friendly structure and full responsiveness.

We have also launched a Norwegian version of the site for the Norwegian market.